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ezBTC - Your Review: Good or not?

OrthofabOrthofab Member
edited January 2018 in Altcoins
What is your experience with them? They’re the only Canadian crypto exchange with alt-coins. Poloniex,Bittrex not sure,a lot of bad comments i’ve read so far.(sorry for my writing,french is my first language)


  • I've used Poloniex since their early days. They suffered a catastrophic loss of bitcoin. It took a few months but they paid it all back. The owner often chatted with customers, answered questions and concerns. Class act and honest operation. There were rumours of it being for sale .... I don't know.

    Bittrex has always been rock solid. Never had a hack or lost funds. They've had many questionable ICOs, shat coins, and shatcoin pumps over time. They are merciless at delisting coins they feel are not performing well enough leaving customers in the cold.

    I'm hearing good things about binance dot com but have yet to use them.
  • Thank you very much,useful infos.I’ve been trading stocks for 30 years.Crypto’s are a very different game,different language etc. When I started to read about blockchain,I was like a Hammish in front of a typewriter.Took me a while to get the principle.
  • Been using ezbtc now for a few days, currently no complaints, everything seems to work smoothly, have a pending transaction to move alt coin to wallet anx once that happens i'll have tried the mojority of the sites abilities. I.e. verification? Funding, wallet withdrawl. All good so far.
  • Thx for the feedback.Best wishes for 2018! Health and some $$$.
  • I’m with ezbtc,so far so good.I got some xrp at $1.61 cdn.Buy and hold for me.
  • Nice got all mine for 1.60 cad too on @ezbtc, find the staff who responds to emails very friendly and polite, and timely, considering holidays and the volume of movement the last week. no matter where you do your business there will always be naysayers. But i like ezbtc alot and keep recommending it.
  • I wanted to get some around .50. I’m new to crypto.Finding a place to trade cryptos almost like stocks not easy to find.So by the time I found exbtc,xrp went flying.Being approved by Coinbase,Poloniex,Bittrex took forever.Just sending cryptos from one place to another,not easy when you start.
  • @barehunter Bittrex is delisting Funfair.Is it only a matter of volume trading or could be other reasons? I don’t have any Fun by the way.
  • Bittrex is heavy handed. I'm sure it's a volume issue. I've heard they will cancel a delist for a price. I do very little trading at bittrex.
    I had some funfair there but sold some time ago. I thought fun was doing pretty good.
  • Thx.I have a good amount of Siacoin,it’s ranked 11th now on their list.I’ll keep an eye open,just in case.
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