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ezBTC - Your Review: Good or not?



  • I gave a shot to EzBTC but didn't like it very much. However, for people only interested in HODL, I think this is a better alternative to Coinbase (4% fee ...).

    Overall, it's a good platform with a very reactive customer support, but the orderbook is overpriced; especially for alts. I believe they are about to release a new version of their Alts product, since you can't trade pairs as of now. It will probably help a lot.
  • If you daytrade/shaving,ezBtc is not the best choice for now,maybe later.Not enough volume.
  • I started with ezbtc late January this year as a complete crypto newbie. Although it took a while to get my level 2 verification, I have been happy with their service. I am only “getting my feet wet” to see how things work, but have been able to both fund and buy quickly the smaller altcoins my mentors have recommended. As I prefer to use a Canadian Exchange, the large selection of altcoins makes this is a great option for me. I have used both Chat and email to get questions answered in a timely way. I am looking forward to being able to use interac online to fund. I do hope they set up a “Who We Are” page on their new website as this will add to comfort level of prospective users.
  • So far i used interactive E-Transfer,maybe 15 times more or less, and pretty fast, within 2 to 4 hours. Nice people, very good service.
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