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Where to buy Ledger S Nano in Canada?

CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
edited January 31 in Bitcoin 101
So this has been asked a bit, and there was no definitive answer thread, so I figured I would summarize the answers. You can buy the Ledger S Nano basically from 3 places that the community has agreed about:

1. Buy direct from the makers of the Ledger S Nano at their official website here.
2. Buy from Crypto Asylum (Although they are out of stock right now)
3. Buy from

The real question, though is do you need a hardware wallet? Is it worth the investment? I am old school so I was always pushing the paperwallet, but with so many altcoins now, I think the Ledger really is go to wallet for this if paper wallets is not your thing. The Trezor is also a solid choice, but I have noticed the Ledger has taken the crown in accommodating more coins.

Hope that helps.


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