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Bitcoin Prices 2018

CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
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It has begun. Our annual tradition is this thread, where we start with predictions and then we leave this thread open as the ONLY place to talk Bitcoin price.

You can see past traditions here:

As you can see it's never easy. My prediction last year was Bitcoin will head past $1500 CAD. Which at that time seemed very bold as we were still way below $1000 until the last month.

So now let's talk Bitcoin Price for 2018. I'll also start with my prediction for this year. This will be a very hard year for Bitcoin with maturity. I think we will see a massive correction in Q1 with tax season, so be ready for that.

I also think we will see Bitcoin finish strong in 2018, because the banks and others cannot continue to ignore things outside their purview. In that case I see it very possibly going to $25k or higher.

Of course I can be completely wrong and it could crash below $10k, but that is not what I think will happen.

I also see a strong market in ICO's related to fog computing. More on that here (as this is not related to Bitcoin prices).

So just for fun, it's now your turn to make your predictions and we'll see how it turns out.

I am also calling on @brucewayne and @barehunter to add their voices to the mix as veterans on this thread.


  • BruceWayneBruceWayne Member Plus
    Low of $6000 USD, high of $45,000 USD.

    I'm anticipating some sort of news event which brings prices down below $10,000 Q1. Who knows what it might be or where it might come from, but you just don't have a market like this without someone coming around with something which might send the markets lower. I have an absolute bottom of $2000 USD which might happen if prices just go sideways/down for an extended period of time.

    Topside sounds a bit crazy but so did my $1600 call last year which was a double at that point. There's a number of positives which may bring us to that number, and it won't happen overnight and as always there will be some sharp drops along the way, but I can see institutional investors starting to get into this space with some investment banks offering trading desks which means even more potential funds coming in, along with the prospect of certain national economies collapsing and people rushing into BTC just because of capital controls which ban most forex exchanges.

    That being said, it's entirely possible we hit the top and go into a long sideways/down market over many months, in which case just load up on dips and sell at profits and wait until bullish momentum takes hold. I don't see this being the case but who knows.

    And if we do continue the bull run then I'd say a majority of alts will eventually die off. Eventually all those coins will sell off to feed the BTC run, and the coins that do survive will be worth a lot of money. It shouldn't be too difficult to figure out which coins those are if you've been here long enough.
  • barehunterbarehunter Member Plus
    I'm guessing more big action in crypto for 2018. People will continue to throw money at it.

    Bitcoin will reach 30 to 40 grand.

    Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and possibly Litecoin will reach new highs.

    Nxt/ardor/ignis are the current sleepers. I expect those to explode eventually based on their tech, history, and a proven development crew.

    Lots of new and exciting projects to investigate and invest.
  • Yes, there are reasons to expect BTC go as high as US$40K in next 3 months, HODL, mine or whatever is your game.
  • It looks like all coins are down on average 10-40% is morning. Thoughts?
  • barehunterbarehunter Member Plus
    That is normal. Resist panic and hold your coins.
  • Something to do with cmc removing Korean exchanges I think
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    Yes, CoinMarketCap removed Korean exchanges, for better accuracy on price, but it caused a small panic.

    Most Altcoins can have wild swings. Don't panic. Do the research. If you are backing a solid project, in the end things will work out :)
  • Low Q1 $10.5K USD. Everyone's talking about cryptocurrencies: newspapers, TV shows, gossip websites, W. Buffet... I think it will last for a couple of months and drag the prices down.
  • It looks like the correction has become a little more substantial than some of us thought. People in FB groups I belong to are freaking out. Actually begging for help as to what to do. I can only assume these are probably young people that dont understand markets and using money they cant afford to lose. Sad.
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @alonzo wait until Bitcoin falls more. This is the "tax correction" that happens every year.
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