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Starter wallet consideration.

Just a bit of advice from my own learning curve. After setting up multiple accounts at various exchanges and playing with multiple paper wallets I had accumalated a large amount of securtiy profiles in my google authenticator app (2FA). Now I had turned around separately and sold my phone (properly wiping etc.), however I did not take the time to restore my google app (tokens?). This led to the requirement to change my payout wallet address without being able to use my google app. Usually you can bypass 2FA by sending a message signing it with your private key of your wallet. What I learned is most of the fancy, pleasing to the eye apps don't include this function. Now I did have the pleasure of learning how to migrate a wallet to another app (more then once). So I could access this feature. Just my two cents hoping others don't follow in my silly footsteps. :). Consider the ability to sign with your paper wallet. I have found it useful on more then one occasion. I wish more paper wallets included this tool.
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