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Transformer Label - How many usable Amps?

Hey All, looking for a space for my hardware. I had this sent back to me. It's mostly greek to me. Looking for feedback on usable amps. Looks basically like a 200A 3phase service? If that is what it is, what is my usable capacity?

Thanks for your input.



  • I'm not an electrician, but from my understanding, if you have access to the full 200amps shown, your usable amperage is 80% (for the safety factor), so 160 amps. Make sure if you're putting 20 or 30 amp circuits, that the wire gauge matches it, and since these run 24/7, don't push the 80% safety load.

    I recommend having an electrician come by, and tell you what your limits are, and if everything is compatible. Don't skimp on this expense.
  • JjcryptoJjcrypto Member
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    That is inline with what I was thinking. I've sent the info my electrician so I'll see what he says. What I wasn't sure about was if 3 phase meant it had more capacity but if it's just 80% of 208A then it's a light service but might serve my needs for a while. For some reason I was thinking 3phase had more capacity but I'll see what my electrician says.

    Thanks for the input.

    Edit: Just found this really cool data center planning spreadsheet. 3phase isn't straight forward to figure out load and capacity, but this helps.

  • It's a 75 kVA's entrance with a 1200w PSU using about 1.5 kVA each @ 240v. You need to leave some power for other things as well but can get a basic idea of how many miners you could install using that formula.
  • It's my understanding that 3phase doesn't give you more power, it just gives you more consistent power, without the peaks and valleys in the current.
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