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Just started mining, trying to optimize, don't know how

Hi there everyone, so I've been into tech for a while and wanted to turn some of that into money. I have a gaming system with a liquid cooled 1080 that I am using for gaming and mining and just built a small dual RX580 4gig system just for mining.
Now I know I'm likely doing it rather inefficiently but everyone has to start somewhere.

So, I'm running Nicehash and using their built in wallet and so far have only mined about enough for a nice night out with the wife. However I have read enough to know that I'm probably doing it wrong, but not enough to know how to fix it.

What I would like to do is get to a platform that I can use to monitor my workers remotely, such as on my phone, and preferably to pay out my balance to something like paypal. I also need to choose a platform to mine on because nicehash seems to be somewhat inconsistent and.

So, any recommendations on where I should go from here.
Apologies for any dead simple questions, still learning the basics.


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