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QuadrigaCX Withdrawal Delays: Update

Saw this on Reddit from the Quadrigacx official account:

A short while ago, one of our Canadian payment prcoessors (Billerfy), that usually handles outgoing bank wires for us indicated that a banking issue had caused a batch of wires to fail. Basically their bank decided that they would no longer work with a company that dealt with Bitcoin companies (an increasingly common issue in Canada). Due to this, it caused a delay and we had to resend a series of wires through our other payment processor, Finconnnect.

If you are waiting for a wire withdrawal, it will arrive shortly.


  • ytrottierytrottier Member
    edited February 2018
    It looks like their other payment processor may be shutdown as well now. I have a direct transfer / EFT withdrawal from 26/01/2018 that I haven't received yet. It's been 11 business days.

    Update: Quadriga replied promptly to my support ticket (in spite of today being a holiday in B.C.) saying the money will arrive tomorrow.
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    I have had no issue on recent withdrawals. They always take the 10 business days. We need to remain calm before jumping to conclusions.
  • The money arrived today through Finconnect. When I started the withdrawal, their advertised timeframe for this type of withdrawal was 7 days; they upped it to 10 days while it was in transit. So I don't think I'm being unfair by calling them out on taking 11 days.
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