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Wallet for OX

. I want to buy OX through ezbtc (just added) but not sure what wallet to use. Any suggestions JAXX doesn’t list


  • Ok...probably a dumb question as a first time buyer...
    if I buy OX through my Fund in ezBtc can I send to an Exodus Wallet which uses US$ even though my Fund is ezbtc is in Can $ it is the cryto coin I am sending will it just automatically give the US value on Exodus
  • testmantestman Member Plus
    You need to send coins to a wallet that support the coin you send it to. So Bitcoin to a Bitcoin wallet or Ethereum to an Ethereum wallet. It doesn’t matter what the fiat exchange is. It matters if it supports the coin you want.
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  • Thanks...that confirms what I finally figured Exodus supports Ox and I can send my OX. If I later convert to bitcoin in exodus, can I then send directly to ezbtc to Fund with bitcoin?
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