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Anyone know of a good tool for portfolio tracking with other features integrated?

Currently using Blockfolio, but it has been buggy lately and is limited only to portfolio tracking.

Found, they have a so called “one stop dashboard” with portfolio tracking, trade signals, and other stuff but what really puts me off from using it is they don’t have a mobile app. I don’t mind using a desktop site but most of the time I’m on the road.

Anyone know of a good tool like this one but preferably with a mobile app?


  • I've been looking around as well. Came across CoinTracking ( and they have an app as well. It is built more based on APIs though so if you deal with major exchanges the transactions will auto-populate. Haven't spent enough time on it to get the APIs to work. If you deal on exchanges without APIs then you need to manually enter transactions on your CPU and not on a mobile. May be worth a look.
  • I tried cointracking recently. Using APIs and wallet imports but doesn't quite seem to put it all together properly. Still quite new to it though. If I iron out my issues I think it should be quite useful.
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