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Update from EzBTC: Toronto Office, Support and more.

ezbtcezbtc Member
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Hey Guys,

Just an update on something we are quite excited about. In early March we will have an office location opening in Midtown Toronto. We felt expanding our presence to the GTA was essential to better server our members. This location will allow for funding, as well as holding education seminars for those just getting in to crypto as education has always been a core value of ours. Our office will also allow for account opening, however due to our extensive checks the verification is not instant.

Effective immediately we are accepting cash funding to the exchange for verified members allowing instant access to catch these latest swings without delay.

We have re-opened phone support, however with a new logic. We don't have enough staff to offer instant support 24/7 but if you call and don't get an agent please leave a voicemail. We have setup an integration where we get your message immediately and will respond quickly. Our new support model is to solve on the spot not create a backlog of tickets. Not all our agents have the privileges to do this, however someone that can is not far away.

January was very busy for us, and we learned a lot implementing new procedures to streamline processes and improve service.

We now have Livechat online an average of 16 hours a day, support tickets are presently at 0, verifications are completed within 24 hours if all documents are received in good order.

Also in January we were faced with huge queues and backlog for E-Transfers and wires both in and out of the site. Our new procedures allow us to offer E-Transfer payments within 24 hours, and funding in 0-12 hours (these are our present numbers and targets we have been hitting on a regular basis but subject to change).

Bottom line, we have hired some great new teammates who have restructured our workflows and service is operating at high efficiency.

We do still cold store all our coins, so there are some crypto withdraw delays. These are generally 0-4 hours but may take up to 24 hours. We are working on a procedure to improve this as well which is being implemented this week.

That should bring everyone up to date. Thanks again to all our members for your support.



  • Another little update, surprisingly nobody got upset about it. We integrated our payments system so that we are now 99.99% cold storage even on our "warm" wallets.

    In transparency this migration caused some delays over 24 hours on a handful of withdrawals. If that was anyone here we're sorry!

    But now we have a killer system in place and the coins are frosty cold and safe. Pretty exciting, and now that we have the kinks out as we are still processing manually effficient.

    We will be introducing a small hot wallet soon for enhanced verified users. In development.

    Oh and users asked for these coins, we we added them after reviewing against their liability as potential securities.

    Ardour Sia STEEM DigiByte. Penny trades are now in ezAlts.

    Later guys

  • ezbtcezbtc Member
    Another update:

    We take possession of our office in Toronto on the 15th and expect to do a public launch in the next 2 weeks.

    We are also soft launching our new site next Monday March 19th with further improvements over the coming weeks.
    About 10 weeks or so away from our trading API and mobile app.

    Personally I've been looking at that orange for 18 months now and can't wait to see a new colour. All blue.

    We are strongly promoting cold storage of coins and have a lot of Trezors and Ledgers on hand and intend on giving them away to users over the next little while.

    Live chat is up to 22 hours a day.

    Thanks guys,

  • landjealandjea Member
    Yeah, that looks a hell of a lot better than the current site. Thumbs up.
  • ezbtcezbtc Member
    You're telling me, also it's fully mobile responsive. Will be looking forward to feedback on it once we launch.

    We have an advanced trading mode as well being written as a vue app which once we have the basic versions launched and stress tested will deploy it.

    Then it's on to the Trading API and phone apps.
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