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The 100 GPU's Startup Question

Helle group,
I am looking to setup a 100 GPUs mining operation.
Do anyone can me help on how to calculate power consumption and the starting cost to setup the operation?
Thank you,


  • Now is not a great time to find and buy 100 cards due to availability and pricing.

    What cards were you hoping to purchase? That is the biggest factor to calculate everything else.
  • I think we can manage to get 100 RX580 or 50 1080TI.
  • I don't have any RX cards but I think they avg ~110w (after bios flashing etc) depending on the algo. I have some 1080ti which are running at 165w on equihash (~4.1w/sol).

    So based on that calculate out either 50x165w or 100x110w for total card power consumption + ~100w per rig for other component draw. Next, determine how many cards per rig you want. From there determine model and number of motherboards, cpu, RAM and PSU. If you go 6x RX cards per rig a single 1200w PSU would be fine (or even 1000w), if you go 6x 1080Ti then 2x 750w should be ok (basically 2x total w = total PSU sizing aiming for around 50% PSU utilization for best efficiency). There are few 6 gpu motherboards, a couple 7 and a couple that can do 8 using m.2 adapters.

    For PSU you want something that is Gold or higher. I have a mix of corsair/evga gold and platinum. If you get all one brand you can share cables which is nice.

    + Rizers, 2PSU cables if you need dual PSU, frames or shelving. I used all veddha 6 and 8 GPU frames for my first sets of rigs as I was starting out. They work well and stack nicely. When I expand I'll be moving into home depot shelving units to avoid frame cost. Requires a bit of fabrication to mount cards.

    Depending on where you're setting up you'll have to figure out cooling.

    Hope that helps.

  • For the starting cost, it would depend on many factors alongside the cost of the GPU's.

    You would need to consider things such as:

    Rig Cost: What type of rigs are you looking to use and how many rigs can you get / setup in the location you are in

    Location: Where will you have the GPU/Rigs? is it more worthwhile to have the space used for another purpose which could generate more profit? Is the location fully optimize to ventilate the mining operation? Do you need to invest in construction?

    Electricity: This ties into the location in a way, where your location/operation style could affect the electricity cost; Some other provinces can have cheaper electricity costs. 80% of cost is from electricity most mining operations and if you can find ways to decrease the electricity cost by finding cheaper pricing, you can profit more.

    There are other considers but these are some of the main ones you should look at.

    If you are looking for a Rig, I would suggest checking out MiningSky's 8 GPU Rig

    This is just a suggestion, if you already have rigs and locations, your main concern would be electricity.

    Another solution is having someone host your mining operation, which would take most of your issues away aside from the initial funds to purchase the hosting service.

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