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Too late for the bitcoin?

So since I am only now exploring the topic of cryptos, my question is if it is a good idea to invest into bitcoin or better to focus on other cyptos?


  • RoyalRoyal Member
    Nobody knows. If you are going to invest for the first time it is better to buy Bitcoin or only top coins. Market is now sideways so my personal opinion is, it is not a good time to entry for first timer unless you want to hold it for long time. Also don't invest all in one time. There are some good video you can check
  • If you are looking to hold onto bitcoins for the long haul, I would say it is not a bad time to invest. As bitcoins enter more mainstream markets and retailers begin accepting it as a legitimate form of payment, the usefulness and value of bitcoin will rise. I would suggest investing in the big three cryptos - BTC, ETH and LTC as they seem to be the most stable and established coins (and thus the safest relatively speaking). However, you should look into the coins before investing and make sure you do not jump all in - buy just a little and educate yourself. Hope this helps!
  • cryptogeekcryptogeek Member
    edited April 2018
    I would say it is better to invest now. There has been a lot of news regarding China moving their crypto mining operations into Canada. China is considering both Canada and Switzerland as potential locations but Canada is ahead. Canada is host to cheap electricity (due to all the excess supply), safe mining environment and fast internet. With China moving their operation here, investing now before the cheap supply of energy and spacious area for crypto hosting is all taken.

    Side note though:
    How do you guys think this will affect Canada in General? We have seen a bigger immigration from China already, so with the expansion of crypto mining, would you think our cost would go up even more?
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