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Good time for litecoin?

What are your general thoughts on litecoin? Is it worth investing in?


  • RoyalRoyal Member
    I prefer LTC over BTC and it is my personal opinion. LTC price recover faster most of the time compare to BTC.
  • If you take 200 day moving average as a good indicator, most cryptos are in bear markets while LTC has so far stayed above its 200MA. This is a bullish sign unless this line is broken down.
  • RoyalRoyal Member
    I agree 100%. BTC price in Canadian exchange most of the time overpraised but I always can buy LTC cheaper and then I move to Binance to buy other alt coins.
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    edited February 9
    Litecoin right now seems to be having a resurection

    Following the recent downturn in the crypto markets, Litecoin (LTC) has skyrocketed nearly 30%, allowing it to claim the fourth spot by market capitalization ahead of EOS and Bitcoin Cash. Today’s market surge has been fueled by Bitcoin’s 8% jump that has sent its price to $3,700.

    Although Litecoin is showing a significant amount of bullish momentum, analysts note that it does face resistance at around $43, which may cause it to drop from its current prices.

  • barehunterbarehunter Member Plus
    Litecoin enhancement news has lit a fire under it. Always a good coin to own. "Silver to bitcoins gold".
  • BruceWayneBruceWayne Member Plus
    Litecoin has always been my first love. I'd mine BTC with my GPU while sleeping and at work then mine LTC between periods of when I was at my home computer back in 2012/2013. I've made money off it for years and I'm not lying when I say I actually looked at that chart for the first time in a year and bought a small stake in it the day before it went bonkers and took the entire market with it.

    When I say alts will take the markets up with it I was specifically looking at ETH and LTC since they're the only alts I consider long-term holds. It always warms my heart when LTC is bringing things up even after all these years...
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