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Sites to Get Free Bitcoins

CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
edited February 10 in Bitcoin Projects
This is a list of Bitcoin Faucets that I have used and pay out. A faucet is a site that gives you free Bitcoins for visiting the site and looking at ads. When you visits a faucet, you will probably have to turn off Ad block to proceed. This is mostly how they get the revenue to exist to give away the free Bitcoins.

Once on the Faucet website, you don't need to do more than fill in a your Bitcoin Address. I would create one just for this exercise. Next fill in a Captcha to prove you are human and the money will be on it's way. Please be aware: Bitcoin Faucets do not pay big money. They do give you a chance to get some Bitcoins for free, and to see what Bitcoins are all about.

Also note, because of low dollar amounts, lots of Bitcoin Faucets will wait 24 hours or longer to pay out to reduce the amount lost to "transaction costs". I hope you find this list helpful to get started.I'll also keep adding (and editing) this list, so please post those Faucets where you have confirmed payouts (or the ones that become duds). Good luck all!

##Updated February 10th 2019##


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