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Sites to Get Free Bitcoins



  • BruceWayneBruceWayne Member Plus
    Alright, I'm 80% complete on my bitcoin faucet. All I need to do is register a domain, get the server up, and get all the ads in place. It's still a few weeks away since I want to mine more BTC before putting it up.

    If there's any pentesters around it'd be helpful to test the security; I can do it but since it's my site it probably wouldn't be as helpful since I already know my way around :P

    Oh, and I put a link to this forum in there as well. I'll post another update once the site is live but before I add any funds.
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @Duncebucket_ that's awesome. I wish I was good enough to find holes, but I'm sure you are light years ahead. I do appreciate the link back. This should really help drive traffic and build the community. Will the faucet be Canadian specific or open to all users? I know that is easy to get around, but it might be interesting. When you are ready to launch lets create a seperate thread, which I can sticky, or maybe add as an annoucement. It would be great if launch is July 1st :D
  • BruceWayneBruceWayne Member Plus
    @CoinGuy. It's Canadian-themed but open to all. That's a great idea for July 1st! I can definitely make that the go live date. This is funny. I'm a network security specialist (from Full Tilt Poker to Vancouver 2010 Olympics) but now that I'm on the development side of things I'm realizing how difficult it is to make things as secure as I want them from the beginning. I think I'll stop harassing certain teams from now on lol
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @Duncebucket_ I think Bitcoin has taught many outside of their normal comforts :) it's another reason to love it...
  • geleiageleia Member
    edited September 2013
    I have tested COIN AD and I can afirm that they really pay and a superior amoun than many faucets. It is possible to earn aproximately 0.0001 BTC each day. This is not solving captchas but clicking advertisements during some seconds.
  • Primedice just keep gambling and you can cash out at a nickel
    Personally I like 13 to 1 then 3 to 1 till it reaches the minimum
  • You guys seem to forget that I have a faucet that pays out 0.00001 per payout minimum at

    I'm kind of breaking even with this payout since I have a fairly set userbase that hits me up but apparently CoinAd is the only faucet ranked higher than me in France (for some reason).

    Faucets need Captcha to block gamers from just bleeding the system dry. Many of the high paying sites get you to do things that make them *much* more lucrative things for themselves than pay out bitcoins. I try to keep my faucet as high as possible so you have more than a satoshi to play with but it's also expensive. So click a link and help out those helping others ;)
  • is a faucet rotator with a constantly updated list of faucets. It will keep a timer for each faucet that will tell when you'll be able to reclaim your free bitcoins.
  • @miner49er, Sounds interesting, available for ios?
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