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Miner Hosting

Hello we are a company located in Quebec specialized in the mining of crypto currencies as well as the hosting of miners for companies. We have a team of experts in electrical, networking, ventilation and security. This allows us to respond professionally and quickly to your needs. We also offer insurance for fire and theft. And we have experience in intercontinental freight transportation, so we can help you get your miners to wherever you are in the world. So contact us fast because our space fills up very quickly and are limited.
Date available Electric capacity availability
1 mai .6 megawatt Sold out
1 mai 2.4megawatts Sold out
1 juin 0.6 megawatts available
1 juin 1.7megawatts available
1 juin 2.0 megawatts available
1 juillet 1.8 megawatts Sold out
Price and availability

-Installation charge of $ 40 Canadian per miner
-Cost per miner monthly: $ 100 Canadian per 1000 watt
- Applicable taxes shall be added to the price of services. Taxes to charge depends on the place where service is provided. Since our datacenters are located in Quebec, GST (5%) and QST (9.5%) will be added to prices.
- We do not support overclock. Only stock settings are accepted.

-Replacement of fan $ 60 (fan included)
-firmware upgrade $ 25
-working other $ 80 an hour

Telephone: 1 (438) 391-1469


  • Hi Ren,

    Sounds like a rapid expansion!

    Fairly straight forward pricing and terms as well, are those all separate facilities?

    I'm interested in learning more about your company and experience with mining operations. How long have you been mining?

    One last question, for all of us on the forums looking into your services, can you please post some photos of the facilities?

    Please also include a watermark :)

    We have principals looking for space ASAP in Canada, but the majority of other operators cannot host more than 200 ASIC units right now.

    Looking forward to hearing your respond.


  • Hi Ren,

    Looks like you guys have a lot of space coming up! We have a number of clients who are looking to colocate asap. If you'd like to discuss this further, please shoot me an email to and we can touch base.

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