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Crypto Worth now live (soft launch)

Hi everyone,
I just did a soft launch a new service called Crypto Worth. It is an online service that verifies if a LinkedIn member has access and control of a particular Bitcoin address. Then I issue a perishable webpage with the LinkedIn member’s name, photo and balance of the associated bitcoin address. This page can be used as a
proof of crypto capital (Bitcoin only) instead of requiring sight of a Bitcoin wallet or trusting a Bitcoin address with no association.

What makes this service different from everything else on the market, is that most companies are building their business model around the anonymity of Bitcoin but this service is doing the contrary, we link a Bitcoin address to a person’s identity.

I think Bitcoin is like gold, you do not carry it around to prove how much you have. So I created this service so as a third party to verify your worth in Bitcoin like a bank confirmation letter.

If you have any questions and comments, please let me know.

-A. Darwin


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