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What Coins Are You Mining?

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  What Coins Are You Mining?


  • I am mining litecoincash but so far not much luck
  • It depends on what mining rigs you have.

    If you have a GPU Mining rig, you shouldnt be mining stuff like BTC

    Likewise, ASIC Miners should not be mining smaller cryptocurrencies and only focus on BTC.

    BTC is slowly reaching its cap (Eta 2041 for market cap, assuming Hash Rate does not increase over the years)

    You should be asking what coins is profitable to mine. This case would depend on your investment and what available resources you have.

    BTC with it hitting cap in about 23 years or less, would be profitable if you are able to mine a huge chunk of the remaining BTC. If not, you should consider coins which will inflate in price when BTC reaches cap such as Ethereum and Ripple the next two popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Well I have been almost " ADD " in selecting what coins to mine even mining hempcoin but I thought I would go back to mining litecoincash for a month again. Perhaps after I mine litecoincash for a month I can mine another coin what is profitable? Any advice email
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