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Blockchain Gaming (

Blockchain-based video games have been a pet project of mine for years, now, ever since I wrote about them for Bitcoin Magazine in 2014. I've always loved video games, and I went on to write for NewsBTC about Moonga, Munnecoin, Spells of Genesis, Huntercoin, Beyond the Void and other news and analysis. There are also interviews on BlockTalk, the Crypto Show and Bitcoins and Gravy, and I've spoken at a few conferences on the subject.

I acquired (and related domains) early on, hoping everybody else would love the blockchain gaming concept as much as I did. The industry was still nascent, however, and I lacked resources and was busy with ESL Coin, so I left it as a placeholder explaining blockchain games and started to slack on the updates when ESL Coin really picked up.

Recently, however, I've partnered with a couple friends, and we have established a growing team to take things to the next level. We aim to make our website the ultimate community resource for blockchain-based video games, and are redesigning it to enable community-generated content in addition to in-house reviews and interviews. We're also going to be heavily involved with events, such as the upcoming Blockchain Game Summit, and have sections for news, FAQ and guides.

We already have a very active community on Facebook and Twitter and are rapidly expanding our variety of social media and communication channels. We welcome all who wish to join our community, especially those who want to contribute content or join our website's core team. Stay tuned for news!


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