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So I bought that Antminer V9 mining in the Comox Valley BC

Well I guess I might feel a bit stupid here. Will I feel right at home talking to you guys or well a bit off settling. I was trying to get some bitcoin to try a few neat things I saw you could do online with them. I started a ERC20 Token as well at and would like to start a cryptocurrency mining operation maybe one day in a facility in the Comox Valley BC. Perhaps not a great place to get started mining but I am starting to dream about starting a cryptocurrency farm somewhere here close to home. I wonder if the electricity would get cheaper for a project like this. Is there any like minded individuals out there interested in this area to get something started? My one V9 isn't very much power right now. You can find more about me on my website. I don't know if I would ever get public funding to increase my current mining operation but it is also a dream I suppose. Let me know if anyone has some similar interests perhaps we can team up. Well nice meeting you all.
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