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30MW power available now, more coming

If you are a serious bitcoin miner and are looking to put your servers in Canada, PodTech Innovation Ltd. has 30 MW available right now with much more to come. Located in BC these are advanced, next-generation datacenters that ascribe to three key elements; modular, scalable and easily transportable. PodTech Innovation Ltd. (PTI) will fabricate the MegaPods for optimized, cost-efficient and custom solutions to dynamically meet the ever-changing computing requirements of the customer. with a PUE of 1.15 and only 12.9gCO2eq/kWh these are some serious green creds. Each pod can contain up to 285 S9 miners or equivalent - full Megapod (5 pods) 1425 S9s. Minimum order is one pod, no shared pods. For more info or to secure your pod(s) contact me
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