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Large Scale Hosting & Facilities Available

I have aggregated a large amount of properties with lots of power. We are looking for people that are looking to go large scale or are looking for power.

These properties are located in Canada, USA and Iceland.


- 100 MW available immediately (~70000 S9) racks and everything are ready.
- Full management and repairs.
- All in one solution $80-$100/month per machine depending on volume.
- Price negotiable if taking all 100 MW.
- Can expand a large amount
- 2 month deposit required upfront which will be used for last 2 months electricity payment of contract.

- 13 MW (~ 9000 S9) available within 30 days, 3 MW available now
- 1 year contract, 1 month deposit
- Pricing varies depending on volume, from $0.08 USD/kwh

Site Development:

USA Site 1
- 500 MW in one location, 100 MW ready now
- Purpose built data center
- 600k+ sqft available to lease
- rent is $17/sqft
- Electricity is $0.042 USD/kwh, negotiable depending on volume
- Mainly looking for 1 person to take all of this

USA Site 2 (Land + Power deal)
- 350 MW site, 40 MW available now
- 350 MW within 12 months
- 20+ acres available
- $0.06 USD/kwh, if looking to take all 350 MW this can be negotiated

Canada (Building, land + power deal)
- 140 MW developing
- Additional capacity available
- No constraints on land
- $0.045 USD/kwh for electricity
- Looking for someone to take all 140 MW

Iceland (Require retrofitting)
- 2 sites
- 100 MW each
- Electricity will be approximately $0.032 USD/kwh

If any further details are required please don't hesitate to let me know.


  • We are able to try to push electricity prices for hosting in the 100 MW site to approx $0.055-0.06 USD/kwh if anyone is willing to commit 100 MW.
  • quotecoloquotecolo Member
    edited August 2018
    what is your contact email, i can be reached
  • where is your 3MW site in Canada? we are looking for a 2 ~ 5 MW site depending operation cost. or you can contact me at or 403-809-6548. Thanks
  • Hello, I am interested in the Canada (Building, land + power deal)
    please contact me via email if it is still available.
  • sockoloonssockoloons Member
    edited November 2018
    93 MW / 300 MW Powerplant available Mid 2019

    Looking for people that are looking to use a large amount of power and would like to secure electricity price for 5+ years.

    Price: $0.045 USD/kwh (includes land + electricity), negotiable based on term and credibility of client

    Can be used for Bitcoin Mining or any industry
    Negotiations with companies currently in progress
    Lots of safety in terms of government


    90 MW Built Facility for sale

    Asking price $55M USD, negotiable
  • All inclusive hosting

    10 MW minimum, up to 400 MW available, ask me for timeline.
    $0.057 USD/kwh
    $50 set up fee
    3 month deposit, 3 year contract

    20 MW minimum, up to 70 MW available
    $0.049 USD/kwh
    2 month deposit
    2 year contract
  • USA 90 MW of hosting immediately available, racks, wiring everything. Just need miners
    10 MW minimum
    $0.056 USD/kwh, negotiable if taking all 90 MW
    2 month deposit
    3 year contract
  • sockoloonssockoloons Member
    edited November 2018
    Site Development
    15 MW Capacity (Can take partial amounts)
    $0.035 USD/kwh for electricity + rent
    Built to your requirements
    5-6 month lead time but can host your other miners for $0.038 USD/kwh immediately until this facility is built
    Upfront payment for MW is required, ask for cost per MW.
  • sockoloonssockoloons Member
    edited December 2018
    Site Development Canada or Purchase
    2x 2.5 MW
    1x 30 MW

    For every portion of power you own the portion of land: eg: 10 MW, own 1/3 of 40 acres
    $0.046 CAD/kwh
    3 month lead time
    ~525k CAD/MW.
  • Hi
    I am interested in 30MW in Canada, could you please contact me at

    Site Development Canada or Purchase
    2x 2.5 MW
    1x 30 MW

    For every portion of power you own the portion of land: eg: 10 MW, own 1/3 of 40 acres
    $0.046 CAD/kwh
    3 month lead time
    ~525k CAD/MW.

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