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Ledger Nano S , receive bitcoin procedure ??

I finally got my Ledger Nano S set up and working.

I wish to receive one bitcoin from a friend , and I clicked on receive in my Ledger manager. My Ledger app gave me a big long string of digits to use for receiving the bitcoin.

So do I email my friend the string of digits , and he uses that somehow to send to me . or does he just print off his own string or QR and together with my string of digits ,my Ledger translates it all , and but's it in my bitcoin account ??



  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator

    Hey @xcaret : in your ledger manager, select "receive" and email them the address you got. Keep in mind to keep you safe everytime you want more BTC, ensure you get a new address.

    The address on your ledger is to confirm the one you see on your computer is the same. this is to protect you :)

  • Hey Coinguy, you helped me several times before , plus I read quite a few of your replies to others, which also helped me . I really appreciate your willingness to help .

    Many thanks ..

    BTW are you hooked up with any bitcoin exchanges or bitcoin dealers ?


  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator

    @xcaret I am glad to help. As to your second question, I am not sure what you mean hooked up. I’m just like most. I have accounts at different exchanges, but I don’t have any special relationships.

  • Oh by hooked up, I just wondered if your a partner or working for the people with atm machines , and so, on ..

    You answered my question ,

    Thanks for all your assistance .


  • I am finding my Ledger Nano S working the way I had hoped, but it wasn't easy to understand their instructions.

    Anyway , as an experiment I had a friend send me a small amount in bitcoin .;

    I received it and my only question now is that it showed the portion of bitcoin we agreed would be sent to me , and next to it the value was shown in USD .

    When I sell this for Canadian Dollars , will the fact that the receipt shows the value in USD have any effect on my selling the bitcoin in Canadian $ ?

    I just want to confirm what I have believed all along , and that is that a bit coin is maybe worth $8500.00 CDN , and 6500 USD and 119000 Mexican pesos ( as an example ) , but like gold it depends on the currency you are using , a $1600 ounce of gold in Canada might be worth only 1200 USD

  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    Yes not only the currency but also the exchange used. Not all exchanges have the same rate :)
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