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Ledger Nano S , receive bitcoin procedure ??

I finally got my Ledger Nano S set up and working.

I wish to receive one bitcoin from a friend , and I clicked on receive in my Ledger manager. My Ledger app gave me a big long string of digits to use for receiving the bitcoin.

So do I email my friend the string of digits , and he uses that somehow to send to me . or does he just print off his own string or QR and together with my string of digits ,my Ledger translates it all , and but's it in my bitcoin account ??



  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator

    Hey @xcaret : in your ledger manager, select "receive" and email them the address you got. Keep in mind to keep you safe everytime you want more BTC, ensure you get a new address.

    The address on your ledger is to confirm the one you see on your computer is the same. this is to protect you :)

  • Hey Coinguy, you helped me several times before , plus I read quite a few of your replies to others, which also helped me . I really appreciate your willingness to help .

    Many thanks ..

    BTW are you hooked up with any bitcoin exchanges or bitcoin dealers ?


  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator

    @xcaret I am glad to help. As to your second question, I am not sure what you mean hooked up. I’m just like most. I have accounts at different exchanges, but I don’t have any special relationships.

  • Oh by hooked up, I just wondered if your a partner or working for the people with atm machines , and so, on ..

    You answered my question ,

    Thanks for all your assistance .


  • I am finding my Ledger Nano S working the way I had hoped, but it wasn't easy to understand their instructions.

    Anyway , as an experiment I had a friend send me a small amount in bitcoin .;

    I received it and my only question now is that it showed the portion of bitcoin we agreed would be sent to me , and next to it the value was shown in USD .

    When I sell this for Canadian Dollars , will the fact that the receipt shows the value in USD have any effect on my selling the bitcoin in Canadian $ ?

    I just want to confirm what I have believed all along , and that is that a bit coin is maybe worth $8500.00 CDN , and 6500 USD and 119000 Mexican pesos ( as an example ) , but like gold it depends on the currency you are using , a $1600 ounce of gold in Canada might be worth only 1200 USD

  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    Yes not only the currency but also the exchange used. Not all exchanges have the same rate :)
  • Hi
    If you have any questions regarding the use of Ledger products you can reach out to us by phone, as the official resellers of Ledger products in Canada we do provide basic support and hints to jumpstart your crypto journey, even if you did not buy it from us :)
  • Thanks coin guy , I changed the settings to Cad, on my ledger , and it shows my bitcoins in Canadian dollars now .
  • Mike,
    Thanks for your offer to provide support for my ledger.
    I think I have it all figured out ,well I'm sure not "all" but for what I use it for it is working just fine .
    I'll google " The cryptoshop " and see what all you do there ,
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