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what if I lose my Ledger Nano S ??

xcaretxcaret Member
edited January 23 in Bitcoin 101
I have all my 24 secret words in a safe place ( I left then with my ex wife ) Lol.
So now I have my password numbers for my ( what if ) lost ledger , and 24 words to prove I own the bit coin.
My question is , do I buy another Ledger Nano S and enter it all into it ?
Or is the Ledger hooked up to some data bank that would let me have a paper wallet or something ?

What would I do ?


  • I guess I'll ask the Ledger people
  • You can buy a new Ledger hardware wallet and restore with the word seed. If you do not have those words then your wallets are gone forever. It always better to buy two hardware wallets so if you having problem with one you can start using another immediately.
  • If you want to be even safer, use a mnemonics technique to memorize the 24 words. For example, create a story with them! Then reset your Ledger and remove any backup of the secret words on paper. Whenever you'll need access to the stored cryptocurrency, you'll just initialize the Ledger Nano with your 24 words, from memory. That's how gangsters do it. :P
  • Try to memorize the actual seed words, and not have them written anywhere. Then if you lose everything and your country explodes, you can still buy a new ledger and input the seed from memory.
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