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Introducing - Canada's Answer to Coinbase! (Ask Us Anything!)

Hey Canada,

My name is Adam, part of the marketing team over at and I wanted to take a moment to introduce to Coinsmart and our new offerings.

What is CoinSmart?

CoinSmart is a Canadian Cryptocurrency exchange service, aimed at being Canada's answer to Coinbase.

As Canadian's we know how challenging and frustrating it can be to deal with cryptocurrency. We've all experienced the brutal 20-40 day wait times withdrawing currency. We've all sat there with an excel spreadsheet trying to track the CAD<>USD exchange rate to see if we're actually up on our investment.

We decided enough is enough. Many of us have been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2013, and we knew real adoption was never going to take place if someone didn't make buying and selling cryptocurrency simple.

Our Goals

We have one goal:
  • To make buying and selling cryptocurrency in Canada as simple and enjoyable as possible.

What makes us different?

Double Banked:

Unlike some of our competitors, we don't work with payment processing companies. We've got direct relationships with not one, but, two different banks. This helps to ensure that deposits and withdrawals are done in a timely manner; and we don't get to fall back on the excuse of it being another companies problem.

24/7 Support:

We have 24/7 Canadian based customer support available by chat and phone. No matter the time of day, no matter the issue you are facing, you can talk to a real human, based in Canada, who actually works for CoinSmart and can help solve your issue. That's a pretty big deal!

Smart Guarantee:

Our Smart Guarantee allows us to put our money where our mouth is:

* All deposits are processed to your account the same day they are received or we waive your fee.
* All withdrawals are processed within 5 business days or we waive your fee. (Our average processing time is only one business day
* All verification requests are submitted same day. No more waiting to get your account activated!

More Coin Pairs:

Most exchanges in Canada offer few CAD pairs outside of BTC, LTC and ETH. We're proud to also offer XMR/CAD, DASH/CAD and XRP/CAD.

We also have 10+ more CAD pairs coming soon!

Better Liquidity:

Unlike partners who only maintain their own small books, we work with multiple market makers and liquidity partners to ensure that you can fill large volume orders at a reasonable price.

Smart Trade:

We're Canada's only exchange to offer a "Smart Trade" that allows you to trade between any two pairs. Want to trade DASH/LTC, or XMR/XRP? Now you can, there is no need to convert your coin into BTC/ETH/CAD first. On CoinSmart you'll always be able to trade between any two coins seamlessly.

What's Next for CoinSmart?

* Advanced trading charts (launching within the next 1-2 months)
* Mobile app (Early 2019).
* 10+ New coin trading pairs.
* Credit Card deposits.
* FlexEPin deposits.

What is your Pricing?

Our deposit and withdrawal fees can be found on our Pricing Page.

For our trade fees we charge 0.3% on basic trades, and 0.6% on Smart Trades (any trade that doesn't include BTC or CAD as one of the pairs).

Can we get a promo code for being part of Canada's most awesome crypto forum?

You bet you can!

You can use one of the following coupon codes:

1) Go to and use coupon code "EscapeFees": We'll waive the fee on your first CAD deposit and first CAD withdrawal. Huge savings for large investors!


2) Go to and sign-up on that landing page to receive $25 of free BTC with your first deposit of $100 CAD or more. (That's a 25% bonus!)

Get To Know Us!

Last, but certainly not least, feel free to ask questions about CoinSmart here - we'd love to let you get to know us better. We're on a mission to raise the standard of trust and simplicity within the cryptocurrency space, and we think that starts with truly engaging our customers!
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