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Cheap Power? Love the Idea of noise and heating your home as well as getting cryptocurrency? Save those baseboard heaters invite one of these 76 DB heating monsters into your home and heat your entire home and shut off all the baseboards.. Sounds like a mission for one of my guys?

Ok hears the deal the transaction for the one of these units must be done in CryptoCurrency which we can decide on at some point.

Up for grabs here is a 4 TH/S SHA256 1025 Watt Antminer Courld be overclocked to get 5.1 TH/s I suppose

Up for grabs here is a 504 MH/S Scrypt Miner 800 Watt could be overclocked to 580/600 ?

I can send these " Without PSU " any time you like and it could get there in less than a week usually.

So who wants to make 30-100 dollars a month in cryptocurrency for fun come on whos with me...

I know I know I only draw 60 watts no one wants me but I have so many great ideas!

Just no PSU so its a steal of a deal.

email for more information or to buy one of these interesting units.
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