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Quickbt closes

Thanks for the h/t @superwayniac - looks like @QuickBT has closed its doors. The following is the message posted on their site:

A Quick Thank You

Thank you for your business over the years!

QuickBT was open from Aug 10, 2013 until Dec 10, 2018 - making us one of the longest continously running Digital Currency operations in the world!

We overcame banking barriers, service cancellations, hackers from everywhere, and regulatory uncertainty.

We introduced Canadians to their first Bitcoin and inspired them to embrace Digital Currency technology.

In total, we sold Bitcoin over 215,000 times in just a five year period.

And we did so without ever holding a coin, collecting a passport, or (knowingly) being hacked.

On a personal note, I will miss them. They were early supporters of this forum. We ourselves started in early 2013, and quickbt and the team were very supportive and encouraging as we grew. I wish nothing but the best for their team with their future endeavours!


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