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Cheapest way to buy Bitcoins with $CAD


I'm new here at the forum. I'm curious if anyone has methodologically researched the cheapest way to buy bitcoins with the LOONEY?

You see, if we use any exchange platform that doesn't have a CAD/BTC (or similar) market then we seem to be loosing twice: first on the exchange rate between CAD and USD (or EUR) and then on the fees that the platform may collect for buying BTC with fiat. And the same on the way back: the withdrawal fees and the reverse exchange rate... Does anyone know the best path? From what i've seen so far the best way seems to be CoinField: a 1% charge if you deposit CAD with a wire transfer and they actually have a CAD/BTC market so i can purchase without converting to USD. And the same for withdrawals. Their CAD/BTC rate seems to mirror the USD/BTC rate at the REAL exchange rate (not the retail rate i would get at a bank). Does what i'm saying make sense? I do understand that you can open a bank account in Canada in USD and deposit to any US-based exchange but i'm talking about if you have only CAD in your bank account. Would be interested to know if anyone has a better way of converting CAD to BTC? Hope you are not thinking i'm associated with CoinField in any way (other than registering).
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