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EZBTC=poor service?

Im curious to know, others opinions. I opened my ezbtc account over a year ago. I made a crypto withdrawal request and as per the website it says 0-24 hours; Now its been over 48 hours. I contacted first after 24 and then again after 48 hours and she tells me she will tell them. Nothing done. Now seeing that their fees are extraordinary I think BTC is sold for over 10% market price, I expect good service but thats not the case. So my question is do you guys use them and what is a good exchange in Canada to transfer money from TD bank? It seems perhaps Quadriga or coin square? Thanks


  • testmantestman Member Plus
    I personally have stuck with Quadrigacx through thick and thin. They had some delays due to the CIBC being shitheads, but things are good now. Personally I’d avoid EZbtc like the plague. There are tons of rumours about the founder using drugs, gambling and other shady stuff. I don’t know if it’s true, but where there is smoke, there is fire....
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