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CoinFest 2019: Mass Blockchain Wedding

Some of you may not remember Don Francesco from Bitcoin's early days in Vancouver, when the community was all about merchant adoption. The high-end Italian restaurant used to accept, as well, but they switched owners and then closed down to move to a new building.

Now they're back, with an even fancier location near the prestigious Canada Place, and they're going to start accepting Bitcoin again on the regular as of CoinFest 2019. We've therefore made them the official venue of CoinFest Vancouver's Mass Blockchain Wedding.

Sponsors will be given priority in evaluating what POS system to set them up with, so please reach out if you represent or know a company involved with that. All funds will go to free food/drinks for everyone, so if you don't have the budget for fine dining, you won't feel totally left out.

More news will be forthcoming.
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