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Coincards Statement about Quadriga

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Subject: Status of QuadrigaCX & Credit Protection Notice
To our valued users & crypto community,

On February 26, 2018, began providing withdrawal services to QuadrigaCX, allowing users on
the exchange to withdraw in the form of gift cards powered by our platform.

Many of QuadrigaCX’s customers used this option as a quick and easy way of withdrawing their CAD balances
in a time where QuadrigaCX’s other withdrawal methods became delayed due to banking issues. is not affiliated with QuadrigaCX or it’s parent companies.

Unfortunately, it has recently come to our attention that QuadrigaCX filed for credit protection in Nova Scotia
Supreme Court on January 31, 2019. At this time, the only information has in regards to this
action is that which has been reported directly from QuadrigaCX via their website updates,
We have not had any communication from QuadrigaCX since January 14th, 2019, which was in the form of a
gift card withdrawal request; we have not received any further communications from QuadrigaCX past January
14th, 2019, and have received no information in regards to their CEO, business operations, or credit protection.

If you have attempted a Gift Card withdrawal later than January 14th, 2019 please note that it has not been
forwarded to us and we currently have no record of any outstanding Gift Card withdrawal orders.

Should QuadrigaCX be approved to resume operations, will continue to offer our services to
QuadrigaCX, allowing its customers to withdrawal CAD balances via Gift Cards. We believe it is important to
continue to offer this option to Canadians in this time of uncertainty.

We hope that QuadrigaCX is able to pull through this situation, settle all accounts and resume operations as
soon as possible. is unable to answer any questions regarding QuadrigaCX’s status. All
questions regarding QuadrigaCX should be directed to one of QuadrigaCX’s own support channels.

Should you have any further questions, comments or concerns about and the service we provide,
please open a support ticket with us or email us at

Thanks @DaStuff for the update.
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