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Looking for Reputable ASIC Providers - New and Used Hardware

We are a new Colocation company located in Manitoba. We often have customers looking to purchase mining equipment directly from us to host at our location. We simply do not have the equipment they are looking to purchase on sale at all times.

As we are newer we have not had the time to build relationships with sellers that we can trust or recommend to our customers. We do not wish to ruin our reputation or relationship with a customer by recommending hardware from a seller that can not deliver what was promised, delays, or faulty hardware.

Looking to get into contact with a provider in Canada that can help provide orders ranging from 1-500 Miners for both new and used equipment. We do service customers with low quantity requests and we do not wish to exclude them. US providers welcome if shipping costs and duties are manageable.

Check out our website to get a sense of what we offer As well if you are or know of a reputable provider email us directly at support (at)

Thanks guys.


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