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Coinsquare wallet addresses are changing

Got this email today

We will be making a few upgrades to our systems over the coming weeks which will cause wallet addresses to change. We would like to remind you to always check your Coinsquare account for the address that you should use when depositing any funds.

The first case of this will be today for LTC addresses as we move to using the new SegWit protocol which means that LTC addresses will now start with the letter "M" instead of "L". This shouldn't cause any disruption in your normal use of the Coinsquare platform.

We will continue to monitor old addresses as we make these changes so that any deposits sent to old addresses during the switch will be credited to your account, but may take up to a day to appear.

Over the coming weeks, we will be posting updates on which coins have been affected by these upgrades on our Twitter account. We will send another email once all updates have been completed.
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