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CoinFest 2019

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It's about that time of year, again, where cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world unite in thanks and celebration. It's been a long, hard winter for us all, but now is the time to put our differences and troubles aside and remember the great teachings of Satoshi.

For those who aren't in the know, CoinFest is an annual decentralized convention that occurs simultaneously around the world. Run by volunteers as a non-profit and funded by generous sponsors, it has always been free to attend and always will be. It also only holds crypto assets and occurs at venues that accept or support cryptocurrency (such as by accepting it for payments).

Some highlights for this year:
  • CoinFest Vancouver will have a Mass Blockchain Wedding and a Blockchain Gaming Expo.
  • CoinFest UK in Manchester is now three days long! Expect hundreds of attendees, as usual.
  • CoinFest is now scheduled to occur at 5 different cities across Africa. The main event in Nigeria will now be two days long.
  • All the usual festivities in the Netherlands
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