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Rules for Posting About Gambling Sites

CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
edited January 2017 in Bitcoin Games
Seems like we are starting to get more and more games from operators and players, so I thought it might make sense to add a sticky on rules for game posts. Here are the basics to keep it clear for everyone.

*** ATTENTION: If you only post (or your first post) is about your Casino or Game, be sure it will probably be deleted. We are looking for more from our members than ads for your latest game. Engage in discussions with the community, share insights, be helpful to others. We are not interested in your drive by spam.***

- Make it clear in your post you own the game with your account. Either use your company name or if you are using your real name, be clear that you own or work for the gaming company. Sock puppets will not be tolerated, as will games to pretend you "just discovered a great game".
-Give the basic details of the game, make it more than an ad to check out the site.
-Please do not spam with multiple discussions about your game or company.
-You can update your thread with news, but do not simply "bump" with useless info.
-Deals specific to our forum users makes it more authentic then a post blasted to every forum.
-If you don't take the time to format your post nicely for this forum or it simply looks like a cut and paste from another site, chances are high that it will be deleted.
-We are not interested in non-Canadian focused posts or non-Canadian owned games. Go to another forum to post about them.
-If all you are going to do is create an "ad" for your casino or gaming site, by adding a blurb and an image, it will be deleted.
-Don't use short links. We want people to know where they are going. Your post will be deleted if you use them.

-It's fine to tell us about a new game, but do more than share a link.
-We will delete any post with an affiliate link. This is to avoid repeated users from posting about a game..
-Do not create a separate thread if one already exists for a game (please use search first)
-You play at your own risk, we do not vet these businesses for fairness, honesty or security.

Final thoughts:
Ignorance to these rules is not an excuse. They are here and clear. Non-compliance will lead to post deletion. Abuse will lead to the ban hammer. In short, don't be an ass-hat and respect your fellow community members by keeping this place spam free.


  • "Ban hammer". "Ass-hat". Boy, you HAVE been running forums for a while, now haven't you? :D Love it.
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    edited November 2013
    @joshnekrep, I'm old school. I almost added "Don't be a dick", but I thought it was clear enough :p
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    I have strengthened the rules on what we will accept for gaming posts.
  • Are these rules still being enforced?

    It seems that a lot of these sites are not from Canada and seem to have a copy and paste for their first message.

    I'm involved with a few gaming sites, but i'd like to familiarize myself with the community first and show that i'm an active member before even mentioning any of them. I think the site deserves that much.
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @DogeDigital yea. I delete more than you think --but I do enforce these rules where it makes sense...
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    A new stand on gaming sites:

    I have decided to tighten the rules even more, due to certain bad actors. It's obvious people are not reading the rules and I have not been mean enough in enforcing them. I am going to delete any posts about casinos and games if they come from people whose sole idea is to add their site here and move onto the next community. If they keep posting about them, they will be banned. I am tired of new members who feel their first post should be to tell us about a gambling site, and I suspect you are too. if you see someone is not removed within 24 hours and you feel it should be, please flag it for me to review.

    In short, I am interested in having involved members, not a one time/first time post about a gambling site. There are plenty of other places to seek out gambling sites and this is not the place.

    Does this mean gaming/gambling posts are not allowed? No. I just don't want the only post a new member makes is to send people to a gambling site. If you are not contributing to make this a better community, then I don't have an issue and I don't think most people do. The issues come from spammy, generic posts about casino's or gambling sites, that are being added to every Bitcoin Forum out there. We are taking a stand to say no more to those! I hope you agree :)
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