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Ripple Labs Launches Global XRP Giveaway

CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
edited March 2017 in Ripple
I really love this Givewaway and idea:

World Community Grid (WCG), is a program that pools computing power and puts it at the disposal of researchers working to solve problems plaguing humanity.

Ripple Labs is supporting this project that benefits humanity, so they are rewarding participants in the World Community Grid with XRP!

Here’s how it works:

-Anyone with an Internet-connected device can participate.
-Participants need to first sign up for the WCG and create a Ripple account.
-When the person’s device is on but not in use, it’ll donate its computing power to scientific projects of the person’s choosing. Available projects to donate computing power to include: curing cancer, fighting AIDS and finding clean energy sources.
-As participants compute for good, they’ll generate WCG points, redeemable for XRP.

To learn more and to start donating, please visit


  • NINKNINK Member
    edited December 2013
    I really like the concept of using CPU for charity as a proof of work. At work I have WCG running on my PC anyway. This obviously works well for pre-mines and controlled currencies but not yet as part of the mining process. There are now over 200 virtual currencies and all of them are burning power to what end.

    There is 107K Petaflops of processing power on the Bitcoin network alone. The fastest computer in Canada is owned by SOSCIP ( and cost millions of dollars and is used for research by a Consortium of Universities but comes no where near that level of performance. The fastest computer in the world is 33 Petaflops and is still 1/3 of that.

    If we had a peer to peer, decentralized currency that was able to perform work for charities and be used for research like WCG this would make a profound impact on research for charities while generating a currency we can all feel good about.

    A merge of WCG or Boinc the backend opensource code for WCG and Bitcoin MIT Licence code would be an amazing project. I have not given any thought to how this would work but I do think it would be a worthwhile project for one of the hundreds of crypto's to explore.

    Charitycoin anyone


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  • This is a great program. I am on the team and have been running for around 3 weeks. They deposit XRP every day and if you so choose, its really simple to send XRP to a Bitcoin address with automatic conversion to BTC. Awesome.
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