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Bitcoin Power Consumption

Here's a quick writeup I did regarding the "greenness" of the Bitfcoin network, and how it stacks up against other computing giants.

It's just the first draft, I'm looking to get more detailed data, as well as how much power the banks consume with printing and distributing money.


  • I say we all turn on our GPU miners again, and push that puppy to 1.21 gigawatts and run it at 88mph. You know what happens then, right? :)

    Good article. Thanks for sharing.
  • The one thing you forget is that most Central Banks can just change metrics to say they're doing great, even if the general economy isn't working. You can't do that with bitcoin so it's at least a measurable yardstick.

    Comparing M1, M3 and various government yields is enough to figure out what's going on. But a commendable effort
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