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New bitcoin lottery - Win 40 BTC - 0.01BTC Welcome bonus

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Hi all , my name is Quentin from Brussels I come to speak about real lottery based on random system in PHP created by me and my friend

In this lottery you have 5 chances to win

5/5 80% 32.0000
4/5 15% 6.0000
3/5 4% 1.6000
2/4 0.1% 0.0400
1/4 0.03% 0.0120


Random systeme

The lottery is based on a true random systeme 'rand()' in PHP the systeme choose 4 random numbers from 1 to 30 and 1 letter from A to E


Magic letter

The magic letter serves to multiply the chances of winning

 - For 5 letters you have one chance to win (1/5) the probability is 20%

 - For the numbers you have 4 chance to win in 30 (1/30) is 13%

The probability of having a good number or good letter is multiplicated


Welcome bonus 0.01BTC

For this year 2014 all new registered receive 0.01 on their account

But to remove you need a minimum of 0.01


The jackpot

32BTC is investised by my friend, and 8 by me but later i injected a BTC to the jackpot



For test withdraw systeme deposit 0.001 BTC and wait the payement systeme for withdraw in your address BTC

Blockchain: The minimum supported transaction size is 0.001 BTC. Forwarding transactions will include a network fee paid by


Blockchain Systeme transaction SSL

The system uses blockchain for transaction and each transaction costing 0.0005 fee automatically takes

On our site there are no tax


To play is simple

Choose 4 numbers, 1 letter and click submit (address payment is optional)

If you win the winnings is automatically add in your account


My Account

Every new player receives a secret code id in SHA256 and unique address payment BTC

Not losing your account for this enter your mail and click "send to my account"


Your ticket

All players have ticket, in this ticket u have result, id transaction, and more informations about this, for save click "download pdf"

The team

Me iam a web developpeur i have 24 year and i'am interesting by cinema, music
My best friend is a trader, he love traveling and his little boy



Enter your mail for weekly jackpot


For play and profit welkome bonus 0.01
For contact me
For contact support (me or my friend)

Its all thanks for read and good luck

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