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Recent Winnipeg media lineup

Rather than sharing each item as it comes out... here's a compilation of all of the recent media attention I've seen on the subject of Bitcoin in Winnipeg. Some of these I was involved in, some of them not so much. When you read articles or listen to broadcasts and notice the incorrect information, understand that there are ALWAYS things that get lost in translation when speaking to media, and they have a habit of messing stuff up when they're writing or speaking on a subject matter they know next to nothing about.

Winnipeg Sun:

CJOB 680 AM:

CJOB 680 AM: This one doesn't have a direct link, but if you visit the link below, go down to the date/time picker, and select Jan 22 1pm, and skip to about the 5 minute mark, you'll hear about a 20 minute interview I did today.

Winnipeg Free Press:

CTV News:

Metro News

More to follow... :)


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