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power of 40,000 S7s in Antpool

Current hash rate is 795,000 TH/s, and Antpool is 24%. That is the equivalent of 40,000 S7 miners, which would consume about 50MW of power.
By the same math, Bitfury has the equivalent of 30,000 S7 miners.


  • In a way you've answered a question of mine about pools and miners, computing power stacks... still...I don't mean to sound like a noob but what advantage would you gain by using a 100gh/s miner in a big pool vs a smaller pool at lets say 35TH/s. Or perhaps you did invest in that whopping bad boy the antminer s7 and can produce the 4.66th/s. without errors. Not that any of us want to run around with pity or charity case equipment, but if you use that same mentality when renting a cloud space what exactly would your 4.66th/s-5.6th/s hashing rental pay.. in a massive pool like that ? vs home equipment. Or am I mistaken..
    My math might be off but 795000 th/s divided by each machines capability of 4.66 th/s is 170600 s7's. you might as well go out and buy a lottery ticket... the chances of it paying are greater. I think the trick here is to know where to dig.
  • The size of the pool doesn't change your payout rate.
    You can use one of the many mining calculators to see that 4.73TH/s will earn US$9-10/day at current prices and difficulty.
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