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Bitfortip is a website that allows you to find better price deals on the internet for an item/service that you might need.

This is done by simply depositing a small amount of Bitcoin with Bitfortip and asking a question about where to find it the cheapest.

For example. Let's say someone wants to get a specific smartphone and after his own online research he found it for 500$.

He then offers a reward of 0.000139 BTC ( 0.05$) if someone can find it even cheaper, say 480$.

Then the person who finds the best price is rewarded with 0.000139 BTC and the inquirer saves 20$.

Bitcoin allows to make micropayments to people and in return received replies with better price deals that save money to the inquirer. That couldn’t be done with a traditional banking service.

Bitfortip can prove to be a great experience that uses an attractive currency to receive an equally attractive service.

The website is very new and few users are actually registered. If this website gets a good amount of visitors, it will have great potential.

Thank you for your time.


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