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Bitfortip is a website that allows you to find better price deals on the internet for an item/service that you might need.

This is done by simply depositing a small amount of Bitcoin with Bitfortip and asking a question about where to find it the cheapest.

For example. Let's say someone wants to get a specific smartphone and after his own online research he found it for 500$.

He then offers a reward of 0.000139 BTC ( 0.05$) if someone can find it even cheaper, say 480$.

Then the person who finds the best price is rewarded with 0.000139 BTC and the inquirer saves 20$.

Bitcoin allows to make micropayments to people and in return received replies with better price deals that save money to the inquirer. That couldn’t be done with a traditional banking service.

Bitfortip can prove to be a great experience that uses an attractive currency to receive an equally attractive service.

The website is very new and few users are actually registered. If this website gets a good amount of visitors, it will have great potential.

Thank you for your time.


  • A nice animated video explaining how bitfortip works:

  • An android app will be released next week. Get your smartphones ready ;)
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    Bitfortip, a social reward network launches it's Android app and it offers an attractive and useful way for people to get their first involvement in Bitcoin.

    Use Bitfortip to:

    Find a item (i.e. a dress ) that you saw on a magazine,website, Pinterest or Instagram and you don’t know where to buy it online. You can upload it as photo using your smartphone and ask bitfortip members to search it online for you in order to win the bitcoin reward.

    Find a better price for an item that you want. Offer a small Bitcoin reward for members to search for you online.

    Find a piece of information on the internet that you can’t find on your own. Post an inquiry along with a bitcoin reward for people to find you a certain link, image, e.t.c.

    The name BITFORTIP comes from 3 words.

    Bit = Bitcoin

    for = for

    Tip = information/tip

    When you sign up, a unique bitcoin address is generated in your account. There it shows you the following message: Before you can submit an inquiry you need to fund your account with at least with 0.0001 Bitcoin to give as a reward. After you fund your account, you can post an inquiry with a bitcoin reward of your choice.

    If you are out of Bitcoins there is a buy button on the app that offers you the choice to acquire some through Paxful. A peer to peer marketplace.

    Bitcoin is a bit unknown to most people so at first it might be a bit tricky to post an inquiry. But a useful service like this will help on raising awareness to the general public and then curiosity will kick in and learn more about blockchain technology, decentralization, transparency, private keys, transactions e.t.c.

    Link for the app:

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    IF you want to try it out, please feel free to register and I will credit your account. Just sent me a pm with your username.
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