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How long until an Antminer S9 becomes obsolete and should be replaced?

maadiahmaadiah Member
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Hi Folks,

I'm currently considering the purchase of a few Antminer S9 13.5 THs and I'd like to have an idea of how long I could (or should) use one before replacing it with a newer model.

I've seen some forums suggest 8-12 months, while others suggest it might be as long as 2 years.

Clearly, a part of the answer is based how long I can squeeze a profit out of each machine. In terms of major costs, my local electricity cost is $CAD 0.09 / kWh and I will purchase the units directly from the manufacturer (so around $CAD 2,900 + tx + shipping).

I understand there are many more variables, like how much faster future miners become, how fast the difficulty rate increases, BTC pricing etc, but I'd appreciate any general guidelines or wisdom you can share. Cheers!


  • Not sure but it seems most people run these things until they stop working.. People still seem to be running Avalon6 and S7s since they technically make a profit. I'm not an expert.
  • That really depends how you look at it and your cost of overhead.

    New ASICs with 7nm chips could possibly start hitting the market this year. It will take time for those really start being produced and shipped in large numbers. As the number of those new ASICs grows the profitability of current generation ASICs will go down.

    Assuming you get the ASICs now/soon and have them setup they generally just run. So you monitor them and let them run until the amount of money they make goes below the cost of electricity. Then you remove them.

    The great thing though is as mentioned, you just set them up and let them run. So by the time new ones launch you should have made ROI on your existing ones and just be enjoying the project from them, even if it lessens due to new generation.
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