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WTB: Bitmain A3

Looking for an Bitmain A3. No need for a PSU - will take it if you have it. Looking for it ASAP.


  • coinflowcoinflow Member
    edited January 29
    Siacoin, definitely worth buying some right now. If you can one of the A3s actively mining within a month, it will be worth it; however, the market will be flooded with Sia miners soon and difficulty will sky right just like the D3s did for Dash.

    Just my thoughts, we have customers that saw Dash mining profitability in September and ordered the D3s, arrived 2 months later and they went from +$7000 USD/month to $90 USD/month.
  • Current profitability for my A3 is about $45-50 USD per day. Has been dropping from $200/day last week to present but not changing much last couple of days. Likely means the 1st batch has been delivered and connected. However, Bitmain is selling another batch for shipping March 15 - at that time we will see the profitability drop again. Then we will have the other manufacturers coming online. If you didn't get one in the 1st batch I would only look to buy one of the first ones this batch from Bitmain - they are down to $980 USD now. Any time after your ROI will be way too long.
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