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Plan to build a Bitcoin mining center in Quebec

Hello everyone, I am new number and nice to meet you in this community!

A Chinese company plan to invest and setup a bitcoin mining center in Quebec and asked me to do the advanced research for the law, cost of power, cost for place ...... So I am here to see if you could help me to answer the following questions:
1)If I will setup a industry of Bitcoin mining at Quebec, what kind of licence I have to get, and how to get it? I need the detail guidance for it.
2)The plan is to setup a bitcoin mining center of 50,000 miners, and as now I live near Montreal, so I want to find a place to setup the mining center which is also near to Montreal. Do you have some recommend place for me? ( First choice is a factory building or warehouse, it is also OK of a open space for further construction.)
3)Power supporting and cost is a critical item for me. I’d like to know the exact power price? ( how much dollar/kwh? Other cost? )
And I see some report said that Quebec Hydro is welcome for this kind of industry, so how could I contact them for power price discussing?

I know it is not easy to setup a mining center and it will be ton of things to do.
So I am appreciating that the people with related experience who could share the information to me. Thanks in advance!

Chenying Zhu


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