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New facility ready in April (860,000 square ft, 80 MW)

Hello fellow Canadians,

Cheap electricity, lots of space, and fast build out. That seems to be the winning combination for miners in China, but we know that is slowly coming to an end.

Our company has built out a 3MW facility in the Lower Mainland, its at full capacity and with growing demand for mining farms, we have invested in a large 2nd facility.

New facility ready to move miners in 2nd week of April.

Industrial wing facility, fiber connection, 80 MW substation built on the side, electricity will be $0.04 - $0.07 USD/kW depending on the amount of miners and type of deal negotiated. Many of the current colocation mining companies have fixed pricing models, we are open to discuss how we can best benefit from a business partner perspective.

We have current clients on:

- fixed monthly pricing per unit (includes electricity, hosting space, maintenance)
- profit sharing
- miner financing

For those looking to purchase ASIC miners and have them hosted, we offer both services. The price will very depending on the amount of units purchased, the time you order and if you are looking for a brand new batch or don't mind ordering on the second market (28nm ASICs.. 11-13 TH/s).

Second market units will be cheaper and arrive faster (within 6 weeks of ordering), but have a little less hashpower and less efficient on electricity; however, they are reliable and still very profitable.

New miners will take 3 months from initial deposit and come with factory warranty.

If you already have miners, and are looking to move them from China or elsewhere, please contact us via email ~

We appreciate all the inquiries, but please serious inquiries only. We will require some transparency on your side to verify if you in fact have the claimed miners and in return we will share the full project details with you.

Thank you and happy mining everyone!


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