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Feathercoin regains its "independence"

CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
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The Feathercoin team sent out an apology to their community over UNOCS (a bit of backstory here) in their forum:

Learning is not an option in life. You either learn before you have to or you learn the hard way. And we learned the hard way.

Many of you feel we have not been open enough about the mistakes that have been made. It breaks my heart because I truly share in that regret knowing that the only thing I can do, for now, is focus on the future.

So on behalf of the whole team here at Feathercoin I would like to apologise over what happened with UNOCS.

The truth is this post should have come sooner and the reason it didn't was because a lot of us disagreed with what was being proposed with UNOCS. We got carried away and rushed in to a partnership that was being run by an external group of developers, a process in which we did not have enough control. As a result we have let everyone down.

We won’t let this define us
The biggest mistake we could make now is to let what happened with UNOCS define us. Sometimes, albeit with the best of intentions, projects fail and it is often the only way to learn. The people who spearheaded the project are no longer directly involved with Feathercoin. This isn't the time or place to partition blame or make judgements about what their intentions were. The job at hand is to learn from this and support the fantastic community that really defines what Feathercoin actually is.

Trust but verify
I always look for the best in people, unless I am given reason to doubt them. One of the mistakes we made was being too quick to trust. Despite the lessons learned, we should not allow ourselves to become discouraged from inviting leadership from members of this community. This is an open source community and those involved worked hard and tirelessly for Feathercoin. We have achieved much under the stewardship of Justabitoftime, and we can all be proud of where we stand as a digital currency today.

Drawing a line underneath this period in our history
The task now is to learn from what has happened. We will facilitate a system that ensures everyone's involvement without any one member being able to make unilateral decisions. This will ensure accountability and representation from every hard-working member of this forum and the Feathercoin movement. You all deserve this. We owe it to you.

I can not offer you perfection but I can promise progress with your confidence and support. We're moving on, and we'd like you all to move on with us.

I encourage you all to provide me with some feedback and constructive criticism. This is a community, I am but a part of that community. I need to hear your voices in order to make us more than the sum of our parts!
What is your take? Are you still into Feathercoin? Do you even care?

Personally I was an early fan of Feathercoin, but after a couple of stumbles I kind of pulled back from Feathercoin. Maybe it's time to give it another chance...


  • I haven't been a big fan of Feathercoin myself. I liked Litecoin initially because it used the Scrypt encryption which I had been familiar with since I use it to encrypt some of my data. It seems like lots of people just used various forks of LTC to build new currencies.

    I may not be a fan I do like it in other ways. If there are multiple exchanges offering multiple currencies it does make bitcoin completely anonymous in the sense that you can move your BTC to one exchange, change it to LTC/FTC and move it to another exchange and buy back BTC it becomes almost impossible to follow the trail of where you moved you currency to.
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    That's a great idea
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