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What hardware are you using?

colosseum800pcolosseum800p Member
edited April 2014 in Bitcoin 101
Hi Everyone,

I've been looking around to see what people are using to mine Bitcoins. Are you using ASIC machines or are you using GPUs and Scrypt making Alt coins for bitcoins.

The forum is mostly about Bitcoins, I found some other topics touching a little on DOGE etc coins but nothing as to mining more profitable ALT Coins for BTC. So I was wondering if all the users are hardcore Bitcoin miners only and what hardware you are using.


  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @colosseum800p‌ maybe @xvyer, @BruceWayne‌ or @BitcoinBrains‌ you want to take a stab? I'm not really into the mining altcoins, and transferring them to BTC
  • BruceWayneBruceWayne Member Plus
    I'd recommend getting the Gridseed ASICs if you plan on scrypt mining. They have similar hashing power to a mid-range GPU but with significantly lower power consumption. Plus you can switch on the SHA256 hashing option for a larger power footprint.

    You can create an account with which is a mining pool that automatically switches to the most profitable coin to mine. You can then create an account with Cryptsy which lets you create a wallet for pretty well every coin out there and an auto-sell option for every deposit.

    I'm still mining overnight with my GPU that I've had for nearly 1 1/2 years since the thing paid for itself a few times over by now. Setting up a GPU rig might be difficult depending on your living situation since these things can run hot and loud. Not ideal for a small apartment. My destop has 6 140mm fans and a giant heatsink for the CPU and the GPU still runs at around 75 degrees.
  • XyverXyver Member
    @colosseum800p‌ I'm running ~60 Refury USB Miners, 1 Antminer, and 1 ASICMiner Cube, as well as am sharing a Avalon Dragon with a friend for a total of ~700 Gigahashes for Bitcoin.

    We have at our data center, 4 Jupiters, 5 Cointerras, and 3 Dragons, for about ~15 tera.

    As for Scrypt, we have ~80 gridseeds.

    To get into bitcoin mining, Antminer S1's are the most cost effective way to get started. If you want to put more money in, get Antminer S2's, or Avalon Dragons.

    For scrypt, go for Gridseeds. The comparison I like to say is that with a GPU rig, you can get maybe 6 megahashes from a regular house wall socket. With gridseeds, you can get ~50 megahashes from a regular socket.
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