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Bitcoin Philanthropy Advice

I wanted to reach out to you as a fellow bitcoin enthusiast to ask for some advice. I work for a small organization called Dignitas International that is dedicated to helping people with HIV in Africa get access to health care.

Earlier this year, I launched bitcoin donations on our website. We've pushed out to a bitcoin media outlets and co-ops to spread the word with some success, but with little return in donations.

Do you have any advice on how we can better reach out to any philanthropic networks in the bitcoin community?

This is our site:



  • Many Bitcoin users are experiencing donor fatigue from all of the charities that have jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon. When the first charity started accepting Bitcoin, the community was impressed at the charity's forward thinking. Then every other charity realized that the Bitcoin community could be a gold mine and jumped on board.

    If you want to reach out to the Bitcoin community, you'll have to demonstrate that you actually care about the Bitcoin community and the development of crypto currencies.

    Is dignitas still focusing on AIDS or have you switched to Ebola?
  • barehunterbarehunter Member Plus
    Some of the lesser known altcoins support charities and have drives to raise money.

    For example; Pinkcoin gives back to breast cancer research.

    Noblecoin, Earthcoin, Mintcoin, are a few more examples off the top of my head. There are quite a few.
  • Thanks! Rebecca, our primary operations are in HIV and related diseases, but we're launching ebola preparedness training in infection control in Malawi (ebola hasn't hit there yet). We're also working in Northern Canada training health workers to address high-burden diseases like diabetes.
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